Complete Dentures

This patient presented with ill-fitting complete dentures and was concerned that the “orange colour” of the acrylic from her current prostheses made her teeth look fake when she smiled. To ameliorate her concern, clear bases were processed to blend in with the supporting tissues and internal characterization was used before secondary processing to give the tissue portion more depth and colour. The patient left satisfied with the improved function and aesthetics of the new removable complete dentures.

Short Teeth Due to Altered Passive Eruption

This patient presented with moderate wear of the anterior dentition and mild- to moderate-dental fluorosis. Her chief concern was primarily aesthetic in nature regarding the “short” look of her front teeth and the discolorations. Treatment involved opening of the vertical dimension to re-gain restorative space, crown lengthening in the maxillary anterior, and restoration with all-ceramic bonded crowns and onlays in the maxilla. Long-term provisionals were used to verify aesthetics and function prior to fabrication and delivery of the definitive restorations.The mandibular arch remained largely unrestored due to 12 months of pre-prosthetic orthodontics for alignment of the teeth, space distribution, and levelling of the occlusal plane.

Short Teeth Due to Tooth Wear

This patient presented with a severe occlusal disharmony, supra-eruption of the posterior teeth, moderate wear of the anterior dentition, a tilted occlusal plane, and residual ridge atrophy in both width and height.Treatment involved bone grafting and posterior implant placement, opening of the vertical dimension, and restoration with bonded all-ceramic restorations in the maxillary and mandibular anterior teeth. The natural posterior teeth did not require re-restoration. Function, aesthetics, and correction of the tilted occlusal plane was verified first utilizing long-term provisionals, and accepted by the patient, before the definitive restorations were fabricated.